New to #3 and #4 is the idea of combining the Circleville and Chillicothe Saturday evening event to be able to play games against each town. Internet links between the two to win prizes is the next progression to bring kids together.

Also with the funds from local businesses we'd like to start raising money to help pay for kids that need shoes that actually fit. 1 in 5 American kids need a new pair of shoes.

​85% Self-esteem
68% Participation in physical activities
54% Improved behavior
39% Report higher attendance

What teachers are saying :- I love the smile that it puts on my student’s faces. It gives my kids an equal opportunity to be able to have good shoes in gym and increases their confidence.

The look the students give you when they put on their new shoes is priceless. It gives them a sense of relief that has a lasting impact on a daily basis. It also has an impact on the families by taking a burden off their hands. They’re so grateful their child has a nice pair of shoes that they can be proud of.

I love being able to have the resources necessary to respond to needs when they arise. We have so many “shoe emergencies!” Students may have shoes that literally have the sole falling off of them, a huge hole letting in cold air/moisture, or maybe their shoes are two sizes too small and creating discomfort or pain.

It’s nice to know that we’re able to provide a new pair of shoes to preserve their safety and ease their discomfort. This allows us to shift their focus back to activities that support their social, emotional and academic growth, instead of them being worried and sidetracked by this basic need.

“Party at the Y #3” is literally a party for teens from Pickaway County, co- sponsored by the local YMCA and the Neighborhood Ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, to provide a safe place for youth to gather and have fun.

The “Party #3” will be held on August 11th, 2018, from 7:00 P.M. to 10 P.M. Activities will include a singing competition, wallyball, painting party, music, free food and refreshments.  Youth grades 6 through 12 will receive invitations through the four county school districts.  This is a free event, no YMCA membership required. As a resident of Circleville since 2003, I have personally felt supported by this community through various events because of my traumatic illness.  As coordinator of this and future events, I have the opportunity to express my appreciation by investing in Pickaway Counties greatest assets—the next generation.

 Please join me in supporting this event by donating any of the following:

Bottled water – fruit juice boxes 
Gift cards 
Cash Donations sent to Trinity Lutheran church                                                                                           
Paper plates – donuts 
A food wagon that can offer free food outside the YMCA   

 If you are interested in helping with a donation for one of the above please email Mark with the number you can help with and information that you may have for us or if you require more information.

Please send your tax-deductible financial contributions to Trinity Lutheran Church, 135 East Mound Street, with the notation “Party at the Y.” Please email me your total amount being donated.

To learn more about my personal story and this event, visit and .

Thank you for supporting the youth of Pickaway County.


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Mark Sandy
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