So here is my reason for wanting to raise money to fund wells in Uganda. While I was recovering from my surgery, the doctors still wouldn't allow me any fluid because of aspirating into my lungs and the fluid build up around my heart. I did although have my wife sneak an ice chip within a kiss and it was like gold. I then told my wife that when I got better I would either, sell water, fill up ice machines or build wells. One day while talking to Brenda Palm at Feed the Flock she mentioned a funding program to help a village in Uganda. She said it's to fund a well! All of a sudden, I got cold, the hairs on my arms stood up and I felt a presence, almost like someone had put there hand on my shoulder and said, "there you go, there's your well". So it was in Gods hands again. And so the story began helping with awareness and funding. Please help us help these kids and villagers get their wells. We have the privilege of faucets and bottles of water. 

Francis Akono was born and raised in Northern Uganda, LIRA District & is 39 years old. He spent more than half of his life witnessing war and poverty. He is a survivor and a former captive. In 2003 he narrowly escaped death from the hands of LRA, (The Lord’s resistance Army), a rebel group under the leadership of Joseph Kony that terrorized Northern Uganda for more than twenty years. The war is tentatively over now. . He has dedicated his life to voluntarily teach English language to the children who were living in the camps (synonymous with the concentration camp in Auschwitz, the difference is only statistics!) Because of his unfortunate and rather miraculous background and sacrifice – teaching and offering guidance and hope where many had fled, Ford Foundation singled him out for the award of graduate studies in the USA. Thus in 2011, he traveled to Ohio State where upon he pursued MA in educational Policy and Leadership (Administration). In May, 2013,Francis graduated and shortly left the USA to return to help his people in whatever way he possibly could. Uganda is still a third world African country where poverty abounds. 40% of the population still lives on less than a dollar a day. Now, imagine a region in an African country destabilized by war for over twenty years. They are among the world’s poorest. This is where Francis lives. He is overwhelmed by 20 orphans due to the war and the deadly HIV/Aids. This number (orphans) keeps growing as the years go by. In this part of the globe there isn't family planning yet! That is the reality. His village is called Atyenaleya (Local Council one, the smallest Administrative Unit), in Awaopiny Parish, Abako Sub-county, Ajuri County, Alebtong. Interestingly, he resides in a small local trading center called “OBAMA.” His people named this center in 2008, on the day president Obama won the elections for his first term. In his village, fresh water is still a huge problem. People have to walk on foot for about two kilometers to fetch and carry water on their heads. They use twenty liter container/plastic jerry cans. This they have to do on a daily basis. Water borne diseases are so frequent because of drinking contaminated/unsafe water (often times animals drink from the same open/unprotected source with people). A well in his village will change lives forever! Water is life… whoever joins us in this cause will be giving life to Francis's people, and thus making a difference in Northern Uganda. Here is a statement from Francis, “Your poverty (in the US) is our Luxury (in Uganda). Francis Akono, A buckeye for Life. What we are doing at Trinity Lutheran Church is raising funds to help purchase more wells in the region and help build an orphanage that Francis has already started building.Please send donations to Trinity Lutheran Church, 135 East Mound Street, Circleville. OH. 43113. And mark the check as Project H2O. T-shirt design was my design and now I see them being worn in Uganda, which brings tears to my eyes and brings home the real urgency that I have to help my brothers and sisters where ever they are. They are available online or ordering from me. 100% of the t-shirt profit goes to the Ugandan cause.

So just outside the city of LIRA is yet another small village that is in need of a well. We need need help to be able to give them clean water to drink and cook with.

Please send donations to Trinity Lutheran Church, 135 East Mound Street, Circleville. OH. 43113
Make checks payable to Trinity Lutheran Church - "Project H2O Uganda"


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